Tofalo (Cyber Security Italy Foundation): “More training for network security”Agenzia DIRE

Interview to the ex Under Secretary of Defense Angelo Tofalo, currently the Scientific Director of Cyber Security Italy Foundation ROME – The use of network-connected devices is growing across the world: “ There are 45 billion per almost 8 billion of human beings”, however In Italy “ we are basically a country of digital illiterates, according to the data” and even the so-called digital natives “don’t have that cultural knowledge of a tool that offers so many opportunities but at the same time presents just as many dangers” says in the video interview for Dire the Under Secretary of Defence,…

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Cybersecurity, memorandum for enterprises’ securityANSA

Agreement between the Italian foundation and Its smart. ROME – Promoting innovative skills for communication and digital security in order to be spendable in the main areas of production and business services. It is the goal of the agreement signed by Cyber Security Italy Foundation with the Technical Superior Institute New Technologies for the Made in Italy (Its smart) in the area of business services. Among the activities covered by the agreement, the implementation of educational paths also with innovative ways dedicated to experts and aspiring senior technicians; favouring research initiatives in the field of the technological innovation in the…

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Cybersecurity: Undersecretary Silly appoints Proietti as personal advisoraise

ROME- The undersecretary of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Giorgio Silli, has appointed Marco Gabriele Proietti as personal advisor in the Cybersecurity field. The assignment is on a non-monetary basis.Proietti is the president and founder of Cyber Security Italy Foundation, the first non- profit foundation in Italy in the third sector in the cyber world, and expert of institutional relations. Over the years, he has gained an extensive experience in the field of national and international cybersecurity, also due to his commitment in the Foundation and to the promotion of plenty of educational and training initiatives dedicated to the spread…

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Cyber security: a convention in the Senate on synergic actions between companies and institutions to attract talents and overcome the cyber challengeReport Difesa - Geopolitica & Sicurezza

ROME- A conference was held at the Senate of the Republic entitled “Cyber Security Italy Foundation: Synergetic actions between companies and institutions, talent attractions and skills to overcome the cyber challenge”. Among the central topics the talent attraction, internalization, skills development, public- private partnership, the collaboration between nations, the security of the critical infrastructures. The work was coordinated by the director of the technical-scientific board of Cyber Security Italy Foundation, Angelo Tofalo, currently undersecretary of Defence, and during the initiative spoke members of TSB Cyber Noemi Ferrari, Simone Pezzoli, Tiziano Li Piani e Matteo Macina. In a message sent to…

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