Project Study Centre “Cyber Sustainability & Resilience”

The Study Centre “Cyber Sustainability & Resilience” originated as a research centre and critical comparison, dedicated to the interdisciplinary in-depth analysis of the connections between cybersecurity and environmental sustainability. The project was realized by the Foundation and created by Massimo Ravenna, which will also be the Director of the Study Centre.

Through in-depth research, promotion of the best practice, raise of awareness and collaboration, the Think Tank is committing to provide solutions and high in-depth analyses dealing with critical intersections between cybersecurity and environmental sustainability. The Think Tank wants to stand as a reference point to the key actors in the field, contributing to a secure, sustainable and resilient digital future.

Together with Cyber Security Italy Foundation, the Study Centre will lead study cases, investigations, researches; will organize conferences, debates, workshops and congresses, will provide specialistic support to legislative initiative activities in the areas of competence; will take care of the relational aspects with public and private actors involved or to be involved in the initiatives; will promote training courses, advanced training courses also through collaboration forms with the academic and research world; will plan a suitable work surface and communication and will take care to promote the undertaken initiatives.

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